Can we laser engrave Molybdenum Mo metal?

– Yes, even with a melting point of 2,623 °C Molybdenum Mo can be laser engraved

Can we laser engrave Stainless Steel metal?

– Yes, all kinds of stainless steel such as 316 and polished steel can be laser engraved.  We can laser mark with silver markings or black markings

Can we laser engrave Aluminium Al metal?

– Yes, this common engineering metal can be surface marked with a silver coloured mark or it can be engraved deep with aluminium metal removed by laser engraving

Can we laser engrave Leather?

– Yes, we laser etch leather wallets, leather belts with initials as personalised gifts for our customers.

Can we laser etch Radel?

– Yes, this common engineering plastic, often a grey / beige colour produces a dark permanent mark.

Can we laser cut Klinger Statite?

– Yes, we laser profile cut this thin material to make gaskets for our medical customers.

Can we laser cut Leather?

– Yes, we laser profile cut leather but it produces quite a stink !

Can we laser mark ULTEM9085?

– Yes, we laser laser mark ULTEM9085 which is a black plastic used by 3D printers.  This gives a bright nicely contrasting, easy to read, permanent mark