Our Renewable Mission

You may be aware that the United Nations IPCC Report published in April 2022 has again declared how utterly crucial it is to STOP burning fossil fuels.  The IPCC is calling for actions, not empty promises. The press has reported that we are at the “NOW or NEVER” point to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.I am pleased to say that following a Staff Meeting at Lasers Are Us Limited on 5th April 2022, the Staff agreed to cease burning all fossil fuels at their Factory in South Wales.  The GAS valve used for heating was CLOSED with immediate effect.So, from today, all energy used at Lasers Are Us, to power the lasers, to run the computers, to heat the building, etc., all comes from 100% renewable sources.Simon Lau and Debbie LauProud Directors of a Great Team of People atLasers Are Us5th April 2022