Eco-Friendly Wooden Medals

Got an event to celebrate? Come and check out our range of unique Eco-Friendly wooden medals, laser engraved your way!

Eco-Friendly Wooden Medals.

Laser cut from plywood and engraved with personalised text, these wooden medals are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic medals.

These unique wooden medals are more than just a medal. They are a way to celebrate memories made at your special event.

We believe that every event deserves a unique medal to be proud of. We believe that these distinctive medals achieve that.

Using our lasers we can personalise these eco-friendly medals in a way that suits you. This makes them perfect for all sports, competitions and any type of event you are hosting and, most importantly, making them exclusive to you. Give your finishers something to be proud of, give them a cherished memory.

From running medals to football medals, we have the design for you and if it’s not exactly what you want, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Choose from our range of standard designs, or contact us to discuss a fully customisable design for your event at or on 01656 745090.